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Accounting for the Arts:
Sculpture and Patronage at Versailles

Clarisse Fava Piz and Sarah Reiff Conell looking over the the royal accounts

This project was created in the context of a 2016 seminar with Christopher Drew Armstrong at the University of Pittsburgh. During this time, we explored the accounting book that recorded the expenses of the royal properties and visualized aspects of artistic patronage in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

Gaspard Marsy (1624-1681) & Balthazar Marsy (1628-1674);
Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680);
Fran├žois Girardon (1628-1715);
Antoine Coysevox (1640-1720)

Sacred Spatter:
Mapping Cults of Christ’s Holy Blood in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Sacred Spatter was a project completed during a seminar called “The Digital and the Humanities”, held at the University of Pittsburgh in Fall 2015 by Alison Langmead.

Wonderful Knowledge:
A Digital Exhibition on Replication and Early Modern Knowledge

This digital exhibition and Scalar website was the deliverable for one of three areas of my comprehensive exams in 2018.